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Heavy Duty

With our various fleet of medium and heavy-duty trucks, we are willing to come out anytime 24/7 to recover your equipment. We understand that when your equipment is disabled, immediate response is needed.  Our heavy duty trucks can tow most large vehicles including; tractor trailors, motor homes, school buses, and fire and emergency vehicles, to name a few.

Rotator Service 
We're equipped with a 50/65 sliding rotator and 40/50 sliding rotator, capable of handling both tows and emergency recovery jobs. Our operators are skilled at using our trucks to lift and rotate the load. We provide emergency response, load shifts and transfers, rollovers, and equipment recovery. We've earned the respect of many clients in the surrounding area by  successfully and efficiently completing jobs.  We hope to earn your respect too.

Our staff is trained in all areas of heavy duty towing and recovery. We require ongoing training to keep our staff up to date with the latest industry techniques. We continue to update our equipment in order to maintain maximum efficiency. We know the importance of getting vehicles back on the road.


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